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Enterprise Performance Management Platform

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS) was looking to create a first of its kind decision support platform for making more informed policy and program decisions. They did not have any visibility of individual client outcomes nor how their clients faired as they flowed through their treatment programs. With growing demand from legislators, administrators and program providers, they needed the capability to pull data from multiple sources, align it around individual clients and programs, and assess individual and program outcomes. In short, they needed an enterprise performance management platform. 

Synthesis consultants, in collaboration with their State counterparts, led a multi-disciplinary team that successfully created the Bureau’s first performance management platform. 

  • Performance Management Framework that aligns business process objectives with key performance indicators, laid out a working governance structure and process, and established an information and technology plan

  • Automated Data Integration Platform that assembles meaningful longitudinal 360 view of BSAS clients from disparate datasets across legacy systems and secondary data sources. Platform automates data cleansing, de-duplication, enrichment and persists the data in an easy to query database environment.​​

  • Analytic Platform that delivers a series of key indicator and performance measures through Cognos reports and dashboards

Today, the Bureau is able to make better data driven policy and program level decisions. They are able to investigate and make more informed decisions based on individual outcomes, treatment patterns, and comparative program performance using one of the most advanced decision making platforms of its kind. 

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